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  • Get prepped for the new season

    Author: POS Centre || 10 Nov 2014

    Autumn has well and truly arrived with its shorter days and cooler weather. This means that there are lots of jobs to do around the home and garden to get winter ready. So although your customers may feel a little flat at bidding farewell to summer there are plenty of opportunities to boost sales if you think practically and creatively.

    Think about the overall look of the shopping environment you are offering. Window, entrance and overhead signage can be used to inspire shoppers to embrace the new season. Use impactful, evocative images that appeal to the senses. Window Poster Mount Kits are ideal for enticing shoppers into store and the signage can be changed quickly and easily in line with new offers and promotions.

    Soft furnishings are popular throughout Autumn and Winter, with customers seeking out thicker curtains, rugs, cushions and throws to create a snug home interior. As well as providing navigational signage to help them to find the soft furnishing aisles, create themed fixtures based on different colour schemes and styles to help customers put together a coordinated look. Product categories are effectively segmented using Aisle Arms holding colour coded signage featuring clear category descriptions.

    Carefully located and designed POS can help to highlight to customers what maintenance jobs they should be doing around their home at this time of year. As well as products like insulation and security lighting, draw attention to things like wood protection products and stains. Showcard Stands can be located at the end of key aisles to highlight Autumn Winter DIY projects and where to find the relevant products.

    Make signage attention grabbing, informative and inspirational. Many of the practical jobs to be done at this time of year are maintenance based rather than decorative, which means consumers may need an additional boost of motivation to be persuaded to make a purchase.

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  • Getting your message across

    Author: POS Centre || 27 Feb 2014

    Message and menu holders can bring a more tidy and professional look to everything from restaurants and cafes to hotel and leisure facilities and even GP surgery waiting areas – anywhere in fact that you might need to communicate essential information to customers or the public.

    Our Side Entry Angled Message & Menu Holder (REF: 1845) is A4 size and constructed from sturdy and durable clear acrylic. It holds signs and menus in the portrait position and features a built in stand, making it perfect for countertops, desks and tabletops.

    Not only does the A4 Message & Menu Holder enable you to present menus and signage in a more professional manner, it also helps to protect leaflets and menus, therefore ensuring that they provide you with greater longevity and therefore better value for money.

    The standard price for our Side Entry A4 Angled Message & Menu Holder is £2.29 per unit. If you order more than ten the price per unit is £1.79 and for orders of over 100 the cost is £1.69 each.

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  • Welcome to the brand new POS website

    Author: POS Centre || 20 Feb 2014

    Welcome to our new website, which we have launched to provide customers with a more dynamic user experience as part of our commitment to providing an unrivalled range of products combined with exceptional customer service.

    The new site features a modern operating platform, so you will notice that it provides a quicker and simpler shopping experience. As it has been built to provide the optimum user experience on PCs and laptops as well as tablets and smartphones, our customers will also now be able to place orders whenever and wherever they like.

    Simplified navigation and an enhanced search function mean that the journey from initial product search to placing an order is totally seamless. With greater product clarity and more information about sizes and pricing, plus an option to view more products on one screen, you will also be able to use fewer clicks to place your orders.

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