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  • Safe as houses

    Author: POS Centre || 18 Nov 2014

    Home safety and security related products become a top priority for consumers when the nights start getting longer, so now is the time to help customers to find products in your store that will make their homes safer.

    Both personal safety and home security are emotive issues, and shoppers will be keen to find the best product to suit their needs within their price range. On the whole consumers are looking for sturdy, good quality products that offer real longevity and reassurance.

    Informative point of sale is therefore particularly important - shoppers want to know how well built a product is, what kind of guarantee it comes with and the experience and heritage of the manufacturer. This might seem like a lot of information, but using tools such as digital display screens, making manufacturer brochures readily available and creating engaging POP signage promoting key points will provide customers with the information they need.

    Another potential problem within this category is that some of the products are quite technical. So again information is important to clarify what is involved and give shoppers the confidence to make that purchase. Consider some How To guides, which can be displayed in leaflet dispensers near the relevant product.

    If your store is in an area where the housing market has improved over the last 12 months bear in mind that there may be first time buyers among your audience that would benefit from having your safety and security products highlighted to them. First time homeowners have much to think about, so reminding them about the safety and security enhancements you can help them make to their new home makes their life easier.

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  • Are you ready for the festive DIY rush?

    Author: POS Centre || 12 Nov 2014

    With the festive season fast approaching many consumers will be starting to think about freshening up their home décor in preparation for playing host to friends and family, so it’s well worth highlighting the products your store has that will support their mini makeover plans.

    Wallpaper for example has enjoyed a resurgence of late, with the public often opting for a design led wallpaper on a feature rather than papering a whole room. However, wallpaper has long presented retailers with challenges from a merchandising perspective.

    Displaying different designs on large boards above the fixture is a good idea rather than customers having to rely on making their choice from looking at wallpaper rolls. A4 or A3 clip frames could also be used to showcase newly launched designs or those that are currently trending, making an attention grabbing feature of any empty wall space

    Sample books enabling customers to tear out the designs they are interested in to take home for colour swatching help to reduce wastage. As they take some of the guesswork out of the purchasing decision they also reduce instances of returns to store.

    Whether a store caters for the trade audience or the general public, the decorating category offers huge scope to link-sell items using clip strips. These can be used to position everything from brushes and paste packets to decorating gloves and masking tape within the wallpaper aisle, to remind customers about the other items they will need to finish their project.

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  • Get prepped for the new season

    Author: POS Centre || 10 Nov 2014

    Autumn has well and truly arrived with its shorter days and cooler weather. This means that there are lots of jobs to do around the home and garden to get winter ready. So although your customers may feel a little flat at bidding farewell to summer there are plenty of opportunities to boost sales if you think practically and creatively.

    Think about the overall look of the shopping environment you are offering. Window, entrance and overhead signage can be used to inspire shoppers to embrace the new season. Use impactful, evocative images that appeal to the senses. Window Poster Mount Kits are ideal for enticing shoppers into store and the signage can be changed quickly and easily in line with new offers and promotions.

    Soft furnishings are popular throughout Autumn and Winter, with customers seeking out thicker curtains, rugs, cushions and throws to create a snug home interior. As well as providing navigational signage to help them to find the soft furnishing aisles, create themed fixtures based on different colour schemes and styles to help customers put together a coordinated look. Product categories are effectively segmented using Aisle Arms holding colour coded signage featuring clear category descriptions.

    Carefully located and designed POS can help to highlight to customers what maintenance jobs they should be doing around their home at this time of year. As well as products like insulation and security lighting, draw attention to things like wood protection products and stains. Showcard Stands can be located at the end of key aisles to highlight Autumn Winter DIY projects and where to find the relevant products.

    Make signage attention grabbing, informative and inspirational. Many of the practical jobs to be done at this time of year are maintenance based rather than decorative, which means consumers may need an additional boost of motivation to be persuaded to make a purchase.

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