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  • Shelftalkers are heros!

    Author: POS Centre || 14 Apr 2016

    I had the opportunity to visit several high street retail outlets recently to assess the use of point-of-sale products and my findings revealed this type of in-store marketing could work far more effectively.

    How could we do that I hear you ask? Well, shelftalkers of course. These little plastic shelf attachments tend to be overlooked and slightly unloved, however as many other retailers will attest, they are incredibly powerful and effective at delivering tangible sales increases and improving customer engagement, given the right content and placement.

    Here at HL Display we are world-leaders in shelftalker manufacturing, specialising in heat-bent full colour printed shelftalkers, and have produced a staggering 200 million over the last decade for some of the biggest names in retail.

    If you would like to take a closer look click on the shelf edge ticket accessories on our site or for even more options go to our sister site at www.hl-display.co.uk where you will find a dedicated page to these important communication tools showing a variety of types, sizes and 5 BIG reasons why you should be using them!

    Shelftalker installed in a DIY retailer. Shelftalker installed in a DIY retailer.


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  • Tools of the trade

    Author: POS Centre || 1 Dec 2014

    Tools, whether hand or powered, are one of those categories that can either generate excitement or cause total confusion among shoppers. There are a wide variety of both mainstream and specialist tools available, and with different price brackets added to the mix this can make for a complicated fixture to shop.

    Effective point of purchase is essential within this category to guide and educate the customer, making sure they are able to make an informed choice about what to buy. As well as categorising tools by type, they could be segmented by price so that shoppers can easily identify what products suit their budget and requirements.

    One of the most effective ways of helping customers to differentiate between good, better and best quality products is through colour coding. This technique enables them to instantly see which area of the fixture they need to visit, but does not deter them from investigating premium options so they can make the decision to trade up.

    The potential pitfall with segmenting products by price point is that shoppers cannot see the rationale behind paying more for a similar product and will merely go for the budget option. Therefore make the most of opportunities to clarify to customers why one circular saw or screwdriver might be more expensive than another.

    Shelf barkers or price pocket holders can be used to highlight key product features and quality messages, such as lifetime guarantees and innovative new technology. Message and leaflet holders could be utilised to provide shoppers with information straight from the manufacturer, which will not only help them to understand the difference in quality but also how and when the product should be used to get the best finish.

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  • Safe as houses

    Author: POS Centre || 18 Nov 2014

    Home safety and security related products become a top priority for consumers when the nights start getting longer, so now is the time to help customers to find products in your store that will make their homes safer.

    Both personal safety and home security are emotive issues, and shoppers will be keen to find the best product to suit their needs within their price range. On the whole consumers are looking for sturdy, good quality products that offer real longevity and reassurance.

    Informative point of sale is therefore particularly important - shoppers want to know how well built a product is, what kind of guarantee it comes with and the experience and heritage of the manufacturer. This might seem like a lot of information, but using tools such as digital display screens, making manufacturer brochures readily available and creating engaging POP signage promoting key points will provide customers with the information they need.

    Another potential problem within this category is that some of the products are quite technical. So again information is important to clarify what is involved and give shoppers the confidence to make that purchase. Consider some How To guides, which can be displayed in leaflet dispensers near the relevant product.

    If your store is in an area where the housing market has improved over the last 12 months bear in mind that there may be first time buyers among your audience that would benefit from having your safety and security products highlighted to them. First time homeowners have much to think about, so reminding them about the safety and security enhancements you can help them make to their new home makes their life easier.

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