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  • Effectively increasing your sales using secondary placement displays

    Author: POS Centre || 29 Sep 2016

    All retailers at some point during the shopping season will experience a slowdown in sales of some products they stock. This can be for many different reasons but there is one way of reversing the decline by installing secondary placement units that will provide eye-catching sales opportunities.

    By using this type of display it gives the retailer a second bit by disrupting the shopper journey sufficiently to take advantage of those additional impulse purchases. They can be of varying shape or design that’s sized to fit on to any gondola end or checkout area where there is a heavy footfall or queuing.

    Utilising these effective displays can increase the opportunity of a sales uplift and may also improve brand awareness that wasn’t possible at the main fixture.

    You can find more inNivea secondary placement displayformation by clicking here.

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  • Changing our product codes to help you!

    Author: POS Centre || 22 Aug 2016

    We recently upgraded to a new ERP system called, JeevesOne. This is part of our continual improvement program to offer the best products and prices on our website for our customers. The existing 4-digit product codes will be changed to the Jeeves 6-digit version and this will take place week commencing 22nd August. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact our sales office or alternatively we have some FAQ’s which may answer your queries immediately.


    Why have you changed the product codes from 4 to 6 digit numbers?
    We are always looking for ways to improve the customer process and the JeevesOne system will help us do that by allowing further enhancements in the future.

    Can I still search for the products using the 4 digit number?
    Yes, the 4-digit product codes can still be searched for but the 6-digit product code will appear in your basket against the products you have selected and this will also appear on your email confirmation and despatch note.

    How long will I be able to use the 4 digit numbers?
    The 4-digit product codes will be searchable for approximately 12 months. After this time the function will be removed as we would assume the new part numbers will now be used.

    Will I be able to order by phone using the 4 digit numbers?
    Yes, for a limited period, however moving forward it will be quicker to use the 6-digit as our system is setup to recognise these and not the old 4-digit version.

     Will there be any change in the products I receive?
    Definitely not, you will still receive the same high quality products you usually order from the POS Centre.

    POS Centre provides good customer service. POS Centre continues it's pledge for excellent customer service.
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  • Boosting sales with tidy shelves

    Author: POS Centre || 11 Aug 2016

    As consumers we go shopping with no real idea of the challenges retailers face in order to provide a good service to us. We take for granted the well-presented shelves, that products are freely available and the environment is neat and tidy. If, however you visit a store that doesn’t provide these important criteria we hesitate to visit in the future. So why is that?

    Our perception of the store and our experience around it are based on three key factors. A ‘cared for’ environment, stock availability and price.

    In order to deliver the first two, retailers must look to implement shelf management to help achieve this and at the same time reduce costs. Staff are the second largest cost to store overheads so it is essential they are working in customer facing roles creating store differentiation.

    Creating an attractive display that is easy to navigate but equally easy to replenish ensures both the consumer and retailer can both benefit.

    Check out some of our exciting new products available on this website and our sister company HL Display.

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