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  • Happy New Year!

    Author: POS Centre || 8 Jan 2018

    With the start of the new year, fresh lines and promotions are the prime focus for high street retailers and independent stores alike. Planning ahead by utilising simple point-of-sale techniques can make all the difference to your footfall and customer buying behaviour. Checkout our full range of effective point of sale products in our online store now!

    Effective point of sale at the POS Centre.
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  • All your seasonal point-of-sale products in one place!!

    Author: POS Centre || 30 Nov 2017

    Get your last minute poster frames, literature holders, shelf management systems or any other promotional equipment to ensure you have a well organised store, office or retail space.

    At this time of year every minute counts so if that is spent helping customers then you need to use some essential tools to keep everything else neat and tidy so it's easy to shop and will encourage more impulse purchases!!

    All your point of sale products for Xmas.
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  • Christmas is coming, are you prepared for the retail avalanche!?

    Author: POS Centre || 9 Nov 2017

    The seasonal frenzy is upon us and shoppers will be rushing to get their lists completed in time for Christmas day, so catching the eye of shoppers is even more difficult than usual! We can help with that by providing some very effective point of sale products that are cost effective, easy to install and will help save time too. Check these out.

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