Multivo™ Shelf Merchandising System

'T' divider 50mm (533468)

Multivo™ Shelf Merchandising System

Multivo is the all-in-one solution for your shelving!

The system is made up of 'L' dividers (L&R), 'T' dividers, to create each channel per product, and a front fixing rail.

When ordering you will need a left 'L' divider, a right 'L' divider and a number of 'T' dividers for each shelf and a front fixing rail. We have two spring strengths, 3N (soft), 6N (firm) depending on the products you are merchandising.  

  Divider H65mm x L385mm
  Large pusher W50mm with 6N spring

  Small pusher W25mm with 3N spring

mounting instructions please see image 2. If you need further assistance please contact Customer Service.

Recyclable Product
This product is very popular with a high stock turnover
Recyclable PET
Sizes Code 1+ Quantity
T-divider W50 x L385mm 6N 533468
Left L-divider W25 x L385mm 3N 536151
Left L-divider W50 x L385mm 6N 536211
Right L-divider W25 x L385mm (no pusher) 536256